Friday, July 21, 2006

Green Lantern #11-12 Review

Greetings citizens!!!

Sorry again, another late post, I will try to be more frequent from here on in on posting often.

Well, it is that time of the month again, COMIC STACK DAY!!! That wonderful day when I go to The Wizard (my local comicbook shop) and grab those wonderful stories that take me away from the everyday to somewhere fun and fantastic! Yep! Comic Stack Day is right up there with sci-fi movie opening day, and new video game release day.

At the very end of Green Lantern #10 we find that Tomar-Tu has arrived on earth in critical condition. For those of you reading who are unfamiliar with the Green Lantern mythos, Tomar-Tu was supposedly killed by Hal Jordan when Hal became Parallax and destroyed the Green Lantern Corp. Now at the beginning of Green Lantern #11 Tomar-Tu is on a medical bed muttering about killing Hal Jordan. Clearly Tomar-Tu is unaware of Hal Jordan's Rebirth and thinks he is still Parallax. Hal Jordan soon learns that he started it journey from the outskirts of Space Sector 3600. This is the black off limits portion of the galaxy where the Manhunters reside, a failed and dangerous group of machines created by the Guardians for the purpose the Green Lanterns now exist. Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, against the orders of teh Guardians of the Universe, decide to go to Space Sector 3600. Hal Jordan feels he must try to save anyone he thought he killed, he is still greatly remorseful of his weakness to fear that led to his becoming Parallax. Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan journey to Space Sector 3600 and are attacked by the Manhunters, who we find on the final stunning page is actually Android Superman!

I love how Guy and Hal have actually become friends in this series. I think it is also more importantly fitting to character. Why would a hot shot pilot who lives life on the edge be better friends with a wimpy artist like Rayner than with a tough rebel with a serious attitude? It makes sense and I love how at lunch Guy bails Hal out of a jam and is the only Green Lantern who actually forgives Hal for his past sins.

Green Lantern #12 is Hal Jordan trying to reconcile himself for killing the laterns he has found who were presumed dead. My biggest problem with this issue is the fact that Android Superman can use the rings. The rings are fueled by the willpower of the ring bearer. Does Android Superman actually have a real will, one that can control the rings? Though I wouldn't think so, he apparently does. Aside from what is going on with Hal Jordan, we find out that a hit has been put on his head with some pretty nasty looking bounty hunters. The final page of this issue has a captured Guy stuck inside a cheesy, giant manhunter. I'll be honest that this issue disappointed me after #11. But it's still by far the best thing DC has got. 4 outta 5!