Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bobby Paycheque: Returns!!!

Greetings citizens!!!
That is correct, after TWO WHOLE MONTHS OF NO POSTS I HAVE RETURNED!!! Thanks to all the good folks on the forum for returning my faith in the website, and a special thanks to Jason Major for moderating that section of the site, a demanding job that would definately put me way over my head. Anyways, with the formalities outta the way on to the article.

The name of the game is 52!!! And I have to say, convoluted is more the name of the game. I just went through issue 22, and after this issue I NEED MORE!!! If I'm going to dig into the good'ol piggy bank every week for 3.50, give me more of what matters. It seems to get shorter every issue, less content more pictures of people standing and doing nothing, if this is suppose to give it a noir feel it feels more like For Tomorrow. *shudder

DC need to pump up the content, more of the Super Nova story, which in my opinion made issue 22 better than most thus far. I'll be back, as a certain austrian once said.

Bobby Paycheque