Monday, April 30, 2007

Because Everybody Deserves ANOTHER Chance!

So who reading this blog doesn't know who Paul Dini is? Nobody raised a hand GOOD! The genius who brought us Batman the animated series is behind the coming weekly DC comic known as Countdown. Superman is in it, and if you remember my last entry in this blog I said I wasn't going to buy any DC main title till I saw the characters done right. I am going to give Countdown a chance. ONE MONTH! That's how long Countdown gets to impress me. It took Civil War two issues, four issues should be plenty. I know optimism when talking about the DC universe these past months has usually ended up being wishful thinking but come on! PAUL DINI!!! Detective Comics is good because he is writing it. The DC universe can be good if he is the man in charge! And come on, with a cover like this it's bound to be good! If not the DC universe is truly cursed somehow! 52 was a disapointment, I hear this from all the fans I've encountered. Countdown is going to bring sexy back to the DCU, at least I hope. Gosh, after *spoiler warning* we found out Mr. Mind is the villian of 52 we deserve a freakin chance at what Paul Dini's got cookin.
On the MARVEL front prepare for World War HULK!!! All the awesome Hulk goodness we Marvel fans where treated to in Planet Hulk continues in WWH!!! Prepare for AWESOME!!! Also Ultimate Spider-man is a book I really won't say much about right now, but if you aren't buying it you SHOULD BE!! RIGHT NOW!!! Go buy it!!! Amazing Spider-man. Aunt May has been shot. Peter hunted by the authorities. Back in Black. 'Nuff said.
I would also like to say a quick word about a little title called the Spirit, you need to be reading this book! It is some of the best (or from what I can see only) adventure comic out there. It seems that when your character doesn't have powers you develop the character! Awesome!
Till next time good citizens!